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Utr: 3309131356
3 Kings Road

Quote Number QUO-0010
Quote Date 24th January 2019
Valid Until 23rd February 2019
Total £1,900.00
Jon Nye

21 Dorset Street, Reading, RG30 1JU, Jon Nye

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Protection , removal of furniture and units.

- security of floors in communication such as, kitchen, living room, hallway,
- removing the toilet, radiator, sinks, mixer in the shower,
- removal of furniture, washing machines with utylityroom
- anti-dust doors between the kitchen and the utility room
- impregnation of plates before laying tiles
- laying tiles on the floor (min 30 x30) 8m2

1 Demolition

-removing tiles from the floor and chipboard
- removal of imber
- removing tiles and plasterboards that the walls together with insulation (only in selected places where there is moisture)
- change in the position of the pipe.

1 Utylity room, bathroom

- assembly of new wooden beams
- thermal isolation
- playwood assembly
- impregnation of boards before tiling
- tiling on the floor (min 30x30 cm)
-grouting with impregnation of the grout

1 Bathroom

- assemble the wall construction
- thermal isolation
- fix of plasterboards
- wastpipe shower change (low shower tray)
- waterproof layer
- fixing of the shower tray
- tiling on the wall in the shower high 220 cm,
- grouting together with impregnation of the grout
-filling, sanding, painting miscout
- assembly of the mixer
- assembly of the shower screen
- assembly of the toilet
- radiator installation

1 Cleaning House £150.000.00%£150.00
Sub Total £2,130.00
VAT £355.00
Discount -£230.00
Total £1,900.00

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