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3 Kings Road


Quote Number QUO-0008
Quote Date 16th December 2018
Valid Until 15th January 2019
Total £5,150.00
Explore Group Ltd

1-7 King Street READING RG1 2AN

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Refurbishment House

Protect all the floor surfaces before start of the work to keep them undamaged

1.bathroom 1-replace/make good silicone and grout and moving/losed tiles
-fix bath panel
-refit towel rail
-box up the pipes with mdf and paint white
-sort out damp and paint with 2 coats of silk paint

2.bathroom upster
-open up the floor and check for leak
-close, level up the floor and lay floor tiles
-replace grout and silicone where necesary

3. Painting:
-in all house open up,fill in and sand down all cracks and holes
-all surfaces to be sand down before painting
-window frames to be cleaned from old paint before paint around
-paint all ceilings with two coats of white emulsion and walls with magnolia
-woodwork with undercoat and satinwood

4.Replace the locks in 2 pair of doors upstairs+check all 10pairs of doors in the house and adjust/change the locks etc where necessary

-check and clean wastes/draines in all sinks,bath and shower
-replace electric radiators for pipes ones upstairs assuming that the pipes are run to each one and blocked under the floor(run new pipes for all of upstairs radiators will mean additional leyber costs)
-bleeding the system

6.In the kitchen redo tiles by the boiler and clean sink and tap to refresh it

7. All house to be clean up by proper cleaners once the job is complete to be ready to move in with highest and tidest standard

Sub Total £6,000.00
VAT £1,000.00
Discount -£850.00
Total £5,150.00

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