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Utr: 3309131356
3 Kings Road

Quote Number QUO-0019
Quote Date 3rd February 2019
Valid Until 5th March 2019
Total £2,000.00

35 St Pauls Gate
RG41 2YP


We have only listed a part of the work we will do on the price list. We do not want to bore you.

We also gave an attractive discount for a good start to our cooperation. We will do the work within  10- 13 days.

Our service is a guarantee of high quality work. We will give you a usable room on time.

I'm including some ideas to make your bathroom.

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Bathroom preparation

Disassembly of toilets, sinks, radiator
Removing the built-in wardrobe
Forging tiles
Preparation for hydraulics and electrics
Disassembly of the wall with the door

1 Discriptions

Installation of a new ceiling, shower
Change in the position of the toilet and radiator
Construction of a new wall

1 Electrical work

Light switch, ceiling light and mirror light

7 Hydraulic work

Remodeling and removing the old sewage system and inserting a new one
Installation of drains for the toilet, basin, washing machine and shower
Water supply (hot, cold) to the sink and shower; washing machines, toilets and a radiator (cold)

1 Decoratoring service

Filling the ceiling and slants
Assembly of the closet
Painting the ceiling and slants
Painting cabinets and doors

1 Tiling

Preparation of the substrate for the tiles
Laying tiles on the wall to the ceiling and the floor

1 Finish work

Installation of a shower, toilet sink, radiator and bathroom accessories

Sub Total £2,280.00
VAT £380.00
Discount -£280.00
Total £2,000.00

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