Renovation with Malarz House Art

Renovations are our main activity, we make them the most. We will renovate the bathroom, kitchen, living room or bedroom. We will focus not only on the final effect, ┬ábut we will also try to do our work solidly and serve you for many years. Malarz House Art is a guarantee that we will not drag the deadline set during the first meeting. Deciding to renovate with our company – you will also get full of support in the selection of materials, in many cases also our discount – thanks to which you will save on construction materials necessary to perform the renovation.


This place is especially important for every human being. This is where we prepare meals, often spending most of our day. Appropriate adaptation of the space in the kitchen will guarantee its trouble-free and at the same time pleasant service. Our company will not only renew walls, ceilings or floors – we will do exactly what you expect from us, including the connection of kitchen appliances to the water and electricity networks. The kitchen is also a room for which it is worth to give the right atmosphere – here we can offer tiles with personalized imprint, as well as the construction of furniture. Tell us what you dream about – we will fulfil your wish.


It does not have to be old and ugly anymore. With us, you will love your bathroom again. We will dismantle the old shower, replacing it with a new one, unless you prefer a bathtub. We will remove old and no longer fashionable tiles, in their place, we will put a new one or maybe beautiful mosaic. We will not be afraid of hydraulic and electric jobs when we renovate the bathroom. After the renovation, you can easily use your bathroom, it will be clean and ready for you to use it.

Living Room

It is generally a place of relaxation for the whole family. Malarz House Art will make a complete renovation for you, remembering all the details like sockets for the tv/audio system, replacement of chandeliers, floors or even floor heating installation. In the living room, we can also arrange a wallpaper for you. Tell us about your desires, feel at home in the living room.

Renovation is not only …

Kitchen, bathroom or living room

Malarz House Art is a company providing comprehensive services. We guarantee professional renovation for every space in your house. We will also take care of the garden, which may require refreshing. You decide what works will be done for you. We invite you to familiarise yourself with our projects and references of our clients, it will definitely help you make the right decision. We are here to assist in any way possible!